Look Forward To Monday Mornings

The dreaded Monday Morning is all too familiar to most of us.  The thought of beginning another work week and all that lies ahead of us can get us worked up before we even hop in our cars for the commute.  Your mind starts racing, you start mentally planning and prepping, and before you know it, you are slogging through the halls at your office trying to give some semblance of control, when in reality you feel like you are barely hanging on.

If this sounds familiar, then there are a lot of ways you can change your whole attitude about Monday mornings, and learn to look forward to that first day of the workweek to get an edge on the week ahead.  Here are a few tips to get you looking forward to Mondays:

Love Your Job

There is no doubt about it–if you hate the work you do, you won’t look forward to that Monday morning meeting with your coworkers.  But if you love your job, you will look forward to getting a jump start on your week, and you won’t dread that feeling of having to grind through another five days before you get a couple days of R&R.  I know, in this economy, finding a job you love can be easier said than done.

But if you find yourself dreading the week ahead of you, then it may be an indicator you need to find a new job, go part time, or take some time off to gain new perspective.  Sometimes a break will give you the rejuvenation you need to begin to love and appreciate what you do again.

Plan Your Mondays

If you already have your day mapped out ahead of time, it helps to eliminate that feeling that you don’t have control.  Take the time to plan out your day prior to getting dressed for work on Monday morning.

It will make you feel a lot more relaxed, and you will feel like you have a grip on your day and your career.  Which brings me to my next point:

Tie Up Loose Ends The Friday Before

When you have unfinished business on your desk, no doubt it will be nagging away at you all weekend.  You will undoubtedly arrive at work on Monday to finish last week’s business when a crisis arises, leaving you scrambling to put out fires all day long rather than actually accomplish anything.  When you leave your affairs completed on Friday afternoon before you walk out of your office, you can allow your mind to rest more easily, and Monday morning will be far less stressful.

Our jobs and careers aren’t always a barrel of laughs.  But it shouldn’t be something which strikes fear and dread into us, either.  Monday mornings are just another morning in the work week–it doesn’t need to be stressful, and it doesn’t need to be something which makes us wish we were still under the covers, cozy in our beds.  By doing a job you love, planning your Mondays, and tying up loose ends on Fridays, you can get a grip on the work week with minimal stress.

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