Things Which International Students Miss Overseas

Having had some experience of an international student, I can totally related to this infographic: If you are planning to try your luck in a different country or want to take admission in a good university abroad, you should know a few general things related to this. And one such issue ...

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9 Facts About Dreams That You Didn’t Know

There are a lot of things that are still unknown about sleeping. We know that there are certain changes going on in the brain, but why and how they happen is still the subject of speculation. Especially mysterious are dreams. Dreams have long been thought of as the means to process ...

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Download Your Free Productivity eBook Now: #Howto Get Productive!

Productivity is the goal of pretty much everyone these days. With how busy life can be, fitting more into those waking hours is a necessity as much as a terrible hassle. But when you are feeling overwhelmed and burnt out, the last thing you want to do is more stuff, ...

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6 Tips For Taking The Perfect Powernap

A powernap refers to a nap that rejuvenates you, but doesn’t take up a lot of your time. Essentially, a powernap is supposed to give you the perfect little boost that you need, however many people get the art of the powernap completely wrong. We sought out 6 tips for taking ...

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Work Smarter – Get Up From Your Desk!

Did you know that one in five workers admits to sitting at their desk all day, not even getting up to take a break or go for lunch? That's just one of the eye-opening statistics listed in this infographic from Louch Shacklock, which examines how poor working conditions can contribute ...

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10 Things You Need to Start Doing Now That You Are an Adult

Growing up is something most of us look forward to as kids. We dress up in grown-up clothes or pretend we have grown-up responsibilities. Now that you have finally reached the elusive stage of life we call adulthood, it is possible some of the luster has worn off. Here are ...

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What Uncontrolled Anger Can Do To Your Life

Anger is a normal and usually healthy human emotion. We have all felt angry at one point in our lives; it is characterized as either a momentary annoyance or full-fledged rage. Unfortunately, anger can be a huge problem if it gets out of control and becomes destructive. Uncontrolled anger can ...

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5 Great Ways To Gain Perspective On Your Life

A lot of us are stuck in a bit of a rut and there’s one point in everyone’s life where they wake up and question what they’re doing and what the point of it all is. Life is complex and it’s not easy to have an obvious path and a clear ...

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Take A Walk: How Being A Pedestrian Can Improve Your Mood

If you've been feeling a bit down lately, you might just need a incorporate a relaxing walk into your daily routine to improve your mood. Not only is walking a healthy, free and convenient way for getting around, it's also been show to positively impact mental health. The last thing you ...

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A Less Comfortable Chair

Just because it is comfortable, does not make it the ideal choice for a working chair. Fundamentally, it might be sound in its judgment of providing the benefit of immediate comfort. However, over the long haul of working countless hours, for countless days, of countless weeks and months, you might ...

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