How To Be More Diplomatic In Your Personal Life

A Diplomat is "verbal smoothness" personified. Accompanied by his document translator, foreign office employees and legal assistants, he can tell you to go to heck and have you thanking him for it. Do you want to possess the same kind of diplomatic power? If so, read on. Right from childhood we ...

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5 Tips to Make Your To-Do List Motivate You

The to-do list is, without a doubt, the most important organization tool that you can have. I don't know how people remain productive without one, and I wouldn't be able to get by without my own. In fact, I am so convinced that all you need to make your life ...

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How To Deal With Redundancy

A redundancy – especially when it’s unprecedented - can be an absolutely terrifying prospect. For most of us it doesn’t turn out to be the golden hand shake that we'd all heard. In fact, many of the myths surrounding redundancy were busted in a recent article in The Guardian. The report ...

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How Wearing Brightly Colored Clothing And Accessories Boosts Your Mood

Who said that cold weather must mean somber attire? Using your favorite summer closet staples all year round saves you money and time by cutting down on unnecessary shopping trips. Saving money is sure to make you happy. Your happiness will be especially concentrated now that studies have shown that ...

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Feeding The Competition Fanatic Within You

Are you a competition addict? Some people can’t resist a competition especially when the prize is big – money, a car, a holiday. In fact some people are so committed to competitions that they enter hundreds a week. There has always been the probability factor i.e. the more you enter, ...

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10 Things Everyone Should Do

It’s easy to fall into the slums of life. We do the same things, day in and day out and we don’t even enjoy the things that we’re doing. Life is more than just a repetition of actions though! There are so many things that everyone can and should do ...

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How To Get Focused

It is currently a Friday. All day I have seen posts on my Facebook feed from friends who are complaining about lacking focus. I see this every week when the last day of work comes along, and I totally get it. There are some day, especially with a weekend or ...

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Free Online Depression Help

Everyone gets a little down sometimes. But for certain people, it becomes a chronic problem that is more than just a case of the blues. It might become a serious medical condition, making it hard to function in day to day life. It may even be a precursor to a ...

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Dealing With Phobias

Being afraid is a normal response to dangerous situations, and most of us have experienced fear. Fear is designed to protect us from danger, triggering a ‘fight or flight’ reaction to deal with the situation. However, it is important to distinguish between rational fears, and ones that can limit our ...

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How To Lower Procrastination And Reach That Goal

They don’t call procrastination the enemy of success for nothing; putting things off until “later” is something even the most successful people can sometimes be guilty of so how come they still manage to succeed? What’s their secret? Why is that some people manage to achieve impressive things almost daily ...

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