How To Lower Procrastination And Reach That Goal

They don’t call procrastination the enemy of success for nothing; putting things off until “later” is something even the most successful people can sometimes be guilty of so how come they still manage to succeed? What’s their secret? Why is that some people manage to achieve impressive things almost daily whilst others struggle even to wash the dishes or mow the lawn? Personal development is an important aspect of success; your personal development needs to be moving forward at all time if you’re going to beat procrastination.

There isn’t one simple answer to this issue; there are many factors which play a part in reaching your goals, the trick is to evaluate your current position in life and work out a route to reaching your ideal situation in life. It’s no use saying “Oh I’d really love to retire at 40.” Then continue with your nose to the grindstone for the next thirty years. Making a plan of action is all-important. A personal development coach can help if you’re really struggling with your goals too. Looking into personal development is a good way of making a start!

Beat Fear and Conquer the World!

At the root of most people’s procrastination there lives a fat grub called fear. Just like the grubs you find in plants which fail to thrive, they eat the roots and suck out the valuable moisture from the plant, eventually killing it. Fear is a fat grub which thrives on people’s energy; sucking out drive and ambition by reducing get-up-and-go with a string of “what ifs” and “Buts”.

Eliminate your fear right at the root; when you think about what it is that you want to achieve and the doubts start to sneak in, refuse to listen to them. Ignore the fearful side of your own psyche and answer the “what ifs” with “So what?”.  Remember that your fears are stopping you from succeeding. Fear of failure can cause the very thing you fear most…failure.

Make a Daily List!

Each evening, write up a list of things you need to do. Lists are a great help in achieving your goals. Intersperse your list with the mundane, day-to-day things that everyone has to do to keep life ticking over. For example, you have a great idea for an invention but you need to find out about suppliers for the materials needed to manufacture it, top of your list should be to call suppliers, then wash the dishes! Next on the list might be to call the bank to make an appointment about funding…then walk the dog! Management training courses can be a great way to help you lower dilly dallying and perform the tasks that are needed.

Without losing sight of our goals, we must also keep house and home together, earn a living and stay healthy so strike a balance in your battle towards your ambitions and ensure that you keep up your regular commitments. Your personal development should include the management of the more mundane aspects of life…start with the jobs around the house which defeat you time and time again!

Look After Yourself!

Sounds obvious but your health can have a strong effect on your achievements. If you don’t have such a great diet, or you tend to be lazy about exercise, then you need to change that ASAP. Begin by drinking plenty of water and getting a good night’s sleep regularly. A fit body means a fit mind and you need a fit mind to get ahead in this world! As you move towards being the kind of person that you want to be, your personal development will begin to grow and could exceed your expectations.

Look to your ambitions with confidence and believe that you can achieve them. Half the battle is self belief; too many people have dreams which go unrealised due to self doubt. Remember that fear can stop the most powerful and refuse to accept it in your life. If procrastination is at the root of failure then fear is at the root of procrastination. Stamp out fear and welcome bravery into your life…you can do anything! A personal development coach can help you when you get bogged down in the mire of self doubt…don’t let your fear stop you from winning!

Martin Prior is a personal best book author and has worked for a range of motivation companies. He loves hiking and eating with friends.

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  1. Adesanmi Adedotun says: - reply

    Procrastination is a thief time and a friend called it mission unaccomplished. Encouraging procrastination in our day-to-day activities will stoop us too low for lesser achievement.