Start with the End in Mind Ebook By Savannah Ellis (Book)

Start with the End in Mind is part of an expensive training program designed to coach the 6 Figure Coaches.  It uses motivation brilliantly and helps you achieve amazing results.  Who would not want to have a 6 figure income?  If you have that then you can buy anything your heart desires. This program has 5 steps and it will make you 100% ready to be focused on making all the money you can get.  You just can’t be satisfied with the life you have right now when you are just earning enough money to pay the bills at home.

This book will start with the end in mind since you can’t possibly fail if you already know what you are going to get when all is said and done.  You just have to follow a few simple steps before you can get that six figure income up and rolling.  This book is perfect for those who can’t seem to set their goals straight as this book will give you a clear view of your priorities.  The only person you can thank in the end is yourself because the motivation came from within.  You will move knowing what the end is.

The cost of this ebook is only $17.00 and you can add to your shopping cart here.

About The Author

Anna is the productivity junkie: she spends so much time collecting GTD tips that she hardly has time to get things done (the irony!)