Everyday Ways To Train Your Brain

It is a common myth that we only use a small percentage of our brains (we actually use most of it every day), but that’s not to say that we are using it to its best ability or that we cannot train it. Humans have always tried to learn more about the brain and how it works, and it has been a goal of many people to dedicate their lives to being the best person they can possibly be.

However, efficiency doesn’t require such in-depth research or commitment, and the truth is that you can learn to access more of the power that your mind holds by carrying out a few everyday tasks.

Here are just some of the many ways in which you can train your brain.

Enhancing Your Memory –

brain-trainingThe ability to recall information easily is a great trait to have and definitely has its benefits. Not only will you be able to remember information better, giving you greater knowledge, you will also be able to relive some of the best parts of your life. Memory can be a fragile thing but the brain is a muscle and so the more you work it, the easier it will become.

Try remembering a number of things that you walked past on your way to work this morning, or attempt to establish five points that you want to bring up at your next team meeting and don’t write them down.

Research suggests that speaking out loud about what you remember will also enhance the process. This is because it uses many different parts of the brain and the repetition you create by vocalising these thoughts helps them to stick in your mind better.

Be More Creative –

Creativity is how we express what’s in our minds and so if we can train ourselves to be more creative then we will be using our brains in new, exciting ways. We are all born with a certain level of creativity but that doesn’t mean we can’t improve this through training. Reading is the perfect way to do this because it expands your vocabulary and gets you thinking about idea formulation.

Another easy way to be creative is to look at the world in a more curious way. With the internet and the rest of the media constantly feeding us with all the information we need this can lead us to just take everything and assume it to be true. Dig a little deeper into the things that interest you or that you are curious about and you will be able to talk much more creatively about the world around you.

Perhaps the best way to increase your capacity to be creative, though, is to take a training course, like this for example. Here you will learn how best to develop and formulate ideas and how to put yourself in a place where this comes easier to you.

Detox Your Mind –

There is no doubt that most of the things we have available to us in the 21st century have enhanced our lives, but have they also dampened our ability to think for ourselves and to use our brains to their full extent? Amongst these things is the humble television which is constantly being judged as to whether it is bad for our health or not. However, regardless of whether it affects our health, too much watching the box is sure to eventually numb your brain. There’s no need to throw your TV out of the window like some 80s rock star but mixing up the means by which you receive your information and entertainment will be a good move for your mind.

Another piece of technology we rely too much on is the satnav or any other piece of GPS equipment. Yes they are very handy but it means we no longer know how to get anywhere without them, which is effecting our geographic knowledge. A major study found that certain areas of London cab drivers’ brains were larger than those of other people, purely because they had to learn all the different routes to everywhere in the city.

Detoxing is not just limited to technology, though, as the things we eat and drink also have a big say in our brain activity. Depending on which newspaper you read you will be told that certain things can cause certain health problems, but there are some substances that universally affect the brain. Alcohol, sugar and even grains have been linked to poor brain function whereas a healthy breakfast, fish and dark chocolate have all been proven to have a positive effect.

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By Chris Mayhew who enjoys learning new things and establishing new ways to enhance his brain. He would recommend creativity courses from Now Go Create to anyone wanting to improve their ability to be creative.