Effective Leadership Traits In The Workplace

It’s finally happened: You’ve just landed that big promotion at work and you couldn’t be more excited. And admittedly, a little scared. You’re now in a leadership position in the office, but you’ve never had this kind of experience before, so you’re not quite sure what to expect. Before you begin to panic, just remember that everyone has to start somewhere. Everyone who is currently a major leader, whether in the workplace or some other sphere, has had to learn how to become an effective leader. Yes, the skills for being a successful leader are learned, not inherited. Of course, some people are more prone to having leadership skills than others, but the truth is that everyone can learn these skills if they do their homework and actively put them into practice.

So what are some traits that are necessary to become a good leader in the workplace?

Committed and Inspires Unity

An effective leader must be committed to the “cause” of the company. That leader should be working just as hard, or harder, than the rest of the employees. After all, “actions speak louder than words,” and being an example of commitment and excitement for the work will help inspire others to do the same. An inspirational leader works to unify his or her team or office employees. This may be through retreats or specific days in the office that are meant to be more relaxed in order to foster an environment where individuals can come together and get to know one another a bit more. Perhaps the leader can make the day more enjoyable by playing some music that day and providing treats. It’s also a good idea to have team building days where you focus on bringing the team together through specific activities. A unified team, one with friends rather than merely associates, will foster an environment that is more willing to take on additional responsibilities to help one another out and to aid others on projects.

Has “Vision” for the Company

Having “vision” is essential to good leadership. Having a “game plan” and knowing where the company should be headed helps the business make progress. It ensures that employees are not simply working without a goal in mind. An effective leader communicates the vision for the goals of the company, and perhaps more importantly, teaches the necessary steps to attain those goals. As these goals are broken down step by step for employees, success for the company is more likely and no-one comes away feeling frustrated. In order to inspire individuals to make contributions, it is also a good idea to create service awards. Basically, when employees show exemplary efforts and help achieve company goals, there should be these awards set in place to reward them. Time and time again, it has been shown that those who are rewarded for dedicated efforts are likely to repeat them in the future.

Humble and Encourages Collaboration

A good leader is one who can accept failure and admit shortcomings. A successful leader encourages collaboration among coworkers. This can be done by always having a listening ear. Some employees may be shy or hesitant to complain or bring up concerns. Others may feel a little self-conscious about submitting an idea he or she thinks would benefit the company. In order to encourage these employees to share thoughts and insights, a good leader will create other opportunities. This can be done by email or social media (perhaps setting up a Facebook employee page where messages and conversations can take place). Another great way to collaborate is to use sources such as Google Docs. Through your Gmail account, you can easily use this Word document and share it with all employees. They can then edit it as needed, which can foster conversation and ongoing idea development when an individual has time or has a good idea for the office.


A good leader must be organized. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always come easily or automatically. Keeping a planner, whether online or the “old-fashioned” pencil and paper approach will help a leader be to all appointments and remember all commitments. And again, Google Docs are always a great way to keep notes in an effort to keep organized.

About the Author: Robert Cordray is a consultant for O.C. Tanner, the place that recognizes people that do great work. He has received many accolades for his work in designing service awards.

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