The Benefit Of Positive Affirmations

An affirmation is a thought, phrase or word that you tell yourself on a daily basis. Really, any thought you have or word you speak could be considered an affirmation. When we repeat dialogue to ourselves over and over again, positive or negative, it can have a significant aspect on our lives. When affirmations are made intentionally, they can change the way we think and improve our frame of mind regarding many things.

Your Own Belief System

Everyone has a belief system, and that belief system is formed from the youngest points in childhood. That belief system is comprised of the words we hear, the things we say internally and the things that other people speak to us. It is basically assembled through affirmations. When a child is spoken to in a positive way, they will grow to believe that they are a person who possesses good qualities. These might be physical qualities, qualities revolving around intelligence or qualities revolving around being kind, generous or honest. These qualities grow to become our inner truths, and they have a powerful impact on how we behave in life.

Inner Truth and Subconscious

Once our inner truth is defined, our subconscious mind begins to use that belief system to mold our everyday actions. For instance, a child who constantly hears or tells herself that she is intelligent will subconsciously take actions that allow her to grow academically, pass tests with ease and learn skills with little effort. This extends on into adulthood, and it is the reason why positive affirmations can affect everything, from how we get along with people to how successful we are on the job to what we aspire to become.

While inner truth begins in childhood, it is possible to change one’s core beliefs even in adulthood. A successful tool to use when trying to do this is by using positive affirmations. These are basically short statements expressed in a positive way and targeted at a particular belief that we would like to see change. For instance, a person who believes they will never be successful at their job could repeat “I am a successful individual capable of promotions in the workplace”. This would be repeated several times a day, both internally and out loud, allowing the person to replace a negative inner truth with a new, positive outlook on life. The key to making this work is to only repeat positive affirmations, and instantly clear your mind of any negative feelings or thoughts of doubt. Essentially, this method of focusing on the positive allows an individual to wash away their negative beliefs over a very short period of time.

Learn How To Control Your Mind

Control Your Mind

Sometimes positive affirmations must be learned, and this is where a trained hypnotherapist or psychotherapist can come in. With their guidance, an individual can learn specific methods which will make positive affirmations increasingly effective, allowing the individual to work past any feelings of doubt that have been lingering in their subconscious mind.

Affirmations are a very powerful thing, and they can frame the person that you will become. If you have feelings of doubt or a negative overall impression of yourself, enlist the help of a therapist to make positive affirmations work for you.

Iris Dyer loves to help other people to stay positive. She is a writer for ConsciousInk, a company on a mission to spread love & raise consciousness around the world.

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