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Is Your Life And Home In Disarray? Organizational Techniques For The Working Mom

Being organized has many benefits. It empowers you with the feeling of being in control and on track of things. In fact, being organized affects every aspect of your life and being organized bit by bit causes a ripple effect of positive energy throughout the day. What you need to ...

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Mind Your Mess If You Want To Stop Being Depressed

Can clutter trigger depression or can depression trigger clutter? Whether you like it or not, clutter can bring about frustration and stress, and these two can affect the ability to deal with the clutter. While chronic disorganization is not a medical condition or a symptom of depression, anyone who suffers ...

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How To Deal With Redundancy

A redundancy – especially when it’s unprecedented - can be an absolutely terrifying prospect. For most of us it doesn’t turn out to be the golden hand shake that we'd all heard. In fact, many of the myths surrounding redundancy were busted in a recent article in The Guardian. The report ...

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How To Get Focused

It is currently a Friday. All day I have seen posts on my Facebook feed from friends who are complaining about lacking focus. I see this every week when the last day of work comes along, and I totally get it. There are some day, especially with a weekend or ...

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How To Organize Your Travel Information

A couple of weeks ago I took off to the south of my state for a week. It was a super small trip, barely away from home. Very low key, and nothing like the international travel I have done in the past. But the amount of information I still had ...

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8 Ways To Stay Focused On The Task At Hand

We all do it- browsing Reddit or Pinterest while we’re at work, having long text conversations with an old friend instead of inputting data, daydreaming about that new car we can’t afford instead of paying attention during a meeting. It’s common and normal for our minds to drift away from ...

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Internet Productivity, Why Your Mood Affects Your Work!

Is Your Mood Holding You Back From Success? Your mood or attitude is one of the primary factors that determines your results. The fact is that a positive mental attitude is the foundation for success in any endeavor. How can you improve your mood or mindset? There are a number of ...

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Social Media Spring Cleaning: Twitter, Facebook and Google

I don't know about you, but my social media accounts, both personal and professional, can really stress me out sometimes. Just little things that annoy me can build up day after day, until it becomes something that sets my teeth on edge. For example, I had someone on my personal ...

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How to Implement Time Management Tools for Children

Time management skills are among the most important elements of success in the academic world and in the workplace environment. Helping children learn these valuable skills can give them a head start in achievement both in the classroom and in their daily lives. Student planners and agendas can be valuable ...

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Organize Your Thoughts with ResophNotes

I am a habitual note taker. There are little reminders everywhere: on my desktop, in my bookmarks, through programs like Evernote, in Pocket, on my cell phone, around my house in sticky notes...everywhere. Which can be incredibly helpful when I need to remember something important, or just to have information ...

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