How To Get Focused

It is currently a Friday. All day I have seen posts on my Facebook feed from friends who are complaining about lacking focus. I see this every week when the last day of work comes along, and I totally get it. There are some day, especially with a weekend or holiday looming, that make concentrating on work absolutely impossible. I have faced the same thing again and again.

But there are some ways you can improve your productivity even on the most difficult days. Whether it is stress keeping your focus down, or it is just something as simple as longing for going out with friends later on, here are some ways you can improve your concentration and get what you need done.

Reduce Distractions


There is nothing more harmful for focus then having a bunch of environmental factors working against you. Too much noise, chatty coworkers, even food…these are all your enemy. If possible, find a quiet place to work. Turn off your phone (or just put it somewhere not within easy reach). Put away snacks so they aren’t tempting you away from your work. Turn on some music that is actually brain boosting instead of attention draining, like a classical symphony. If you are surrounded by people, listen to it with headphones. Avoid anything with lyrics, as this is probably going to be the opposite of effective. By creating your own little Focus Box, you will be more likely to keep on track.

Remove Online Time Wasters

Online Time Wasters

You might only be switching over to Twitter for a few minutes at a time, but it is adding up. The Internet is a necessary tool for most of us while working, but along with the good comes the bad. That one Reddit post you want to read? It is going to turn into five. That funny Cracked article to boost your mood? It isn’t going to help your concentration in the slightest. That single YouTube video your coworker emailed that you just have to see? It can wait. If you don’t have the self control to do this on your own (I know I don’t), then get yourself a website blocker like LeechBlock (FireFox) or StayFocused (Chrome). You will thank yourself later, and there is always time to browse the net when you are done.

Focus On One Thing At A Time

Focus On One Thing At A Time

Stop multi-tasking! You probably have a whole lot of stuff on your plate. While you might think this would motivate you to get working, it tends to have the opposite effect. Feeling overwhelmed is a quick way to nudge you into procrastinating. Instead of thinking of how much you have to deal with, focus on a single task at a time. Don’t even consider what has to come after it. Having a list can be an easy way of accomplishing this, moving your way through each task one at a time and scratching it off your To-Do. It makes it seem more manageable, and you won’t dread moving onto the next item. Instead, you will see what you have already accomplished.

Take Frequent Breaks


It sounds counter productive, but taking frequent breaks will keep you from burning out. It will also reduce the risks of eye strain, neck pain, headaches and fatigue. Even if you are just getting up and taking a few minutes to walk and get a drink, you should be doing so once an hour. Then take a real break (15 to 30 minutes) every few hours. If possible, take all breaks away from the computer. Having a good rest and a proper routine change is essential for keeping you motivated!

Eat Good Food

Eat Good Food

Alright, you might be thinking “This isn’t a diet article!” But what you eat and how your brain functions go hand in hand. You should be eating plenty of protein, fiber and nutritiously dense meals and snacks through the day. A fast food stop will seem like a good idea because it is quick, as will that frozen box of Hot Pockets in the fridge. But taking a couple of minutes off of prep time is going to have a negative impact when it comes time for you to work. You will be tired, lethargic and potentially grumpy within an hour or so.

Get The Body Moving

Get The Body Moving

Following in the same thread as the tip above, you should use physical exercise to keep your brain working in top condition during the rest of the day. Studies have found again and again that people who exercise sleep better, concentrate longer and have an overall more positive outlook throughout the day. Even if you are just taking a walk once a day, or standing up and doing a few sets of jumping jacks and push ups on your break, you are improving your chances of focusing.

Do you have any tips for staying focused throughout the day? Post them in the comments below.

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  1. yogesh pant says: - reply

    while working on internet, there may be many of the distractions available.
    Facebook and other social media sites are of a great help for promoting the blog posts.
    But we have to ensure that we are focused only on promoting the articles and not making just fake or virtual following.

  2. shristhi says: - reply

    Hey There.

    If you are doing something it is really important to stay concentrated and stay focused. Without concentration you can not understand and do that work. If you are studying you need to be focused else you will not understand a thing.

    Social media site can actually distract you easily. People become addicted to them and leave their work.
    Thanks for the amazing post.

  3. Niraj Bhusal says: - reply

    Really great tips that helps us to focus on. Mutitasking is one of the factor that disturbs to be focused.
    Thanks for sharing these great post.