Stress at Work, and How to Avoid it

Stress at work is a problem that touches millions of people all over the world, and it can be really dangerous as it can lead to depression or worse.

What Is Stress?

First of all we need to have a clear definition of the notion of stress, which can be defined as the body’s automatic response to any physical or mental demand place on it. The human body responds to stress by producing a chemical called adrenaline. In addition, we somehow need some stress as moderate level of stress may actually improve performance and efficiency at work. However, too little stress may result in boredom and too much stress may cause an unproductive anxiety level. This means that our body tolerate a certain level of stress, but if that level is too low or too high it can be problematic.
The most common stressors are school, work, family, relationships, legal, finances, illness, living situation and so on.

Negative Effects of Stress

There can be various effects of stress. From a physical point of view stress can result in weight loss or the opposite that is to say putting on weight. It can also result in unexpected hair loss, heart palpitations and high blood pressure

From an emotional point of view it can result in mood swings, anxiety, it can also lead to depression and to unhealthy coping strategies such as alcohol, drugs, etc. As we saw earlier we all need a bit of stress to increase our efficiency especially in the workplace. But too much stress be it in the workplace or in any other aspect of one’s life can have rather destructive effects. Let’s see how you can avoid excessive stress in your workplace and therefore improve your productivity.

General Stress Management Tips

You can avoid excessive stress in every aspect of your life by regularly doing body relaxation exercises such as breathing techniques and guided imagery.You can also reduce your level of stress by doing regular physical exercise such as yoga and workout routine. You can also do some meditation and counselling such as talk therapy and life coaching ( talk therapy, life coaching…). Or you can follow a health and safety training course to help you manage your stress.

Managing Stress at Work “ Eat that Frog”

The main cause for stress at work is the accumulation of work but also the lack of organization. In fact, generally when your manager assigns you tasks to do, he gives you those tasks according the amount of hours you work per month, which means that you can do all those tasks if you’re well-organized.

But the mistake that most of us do is that we first do the easiest tasks then we do the biggest or the most complicated ones. But as Eckhart Tolle would say “ eat that frog” meaning that you should do the hardest and repelling tasks before doing those easy tasks you like. If you do that by the end of the month you’d have done all the difficult tasks and will enjoy ending the month with your favorite tasks.

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If you organize your work this way your physical health will get better and you’ll have more energy and stamina, you’ll have a positive attitude, in a nutshell you’ll be happier and therefore more focus and efficient in your work.

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