The Best Freemium Productivity Tools

The generation in the workforce today has access to better communication tools and more information than ever before, and yet our workloads seem to be increasing, rather than decreasing. It's all too easy to suffer from information overload. This handy infographic from Name Badges International aims to help us cope ...

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New App For YouTube On Android Is Making Multitasking Easier

In a recent update from Google, it was announced that YouTube Android app was updated to v5.0.21. This update will enable play list searches, expand the Chromecast support, and app multitasking. The update along with the promised changes will bring about a huge transformation in user experience while using YouTube. This ...

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5 Awesome Google Chrome Extensions That Will Improve Your Productivity

Applications are all the rage, but so are extensions-- for the users of Google Chrome, at least. Chrome not only provides its users with an advanced, streamlined web browsing process, but it also provides it users with extensions that take the web browsing process one step further. However, after signing ...

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5 Awesome FireFox Productivity Tips

It isn't always easy to be productive. You might not have slept well the night before, or you just might not be in the mood to get things done. Rationalities start to permeate your mind, saying that you can do extra work the next day, or do it over the ...

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A Step Towards Email Productivity: Creating a Master Inbox

Keeping a single inbox organized, clean and functional is a monumental task for many of us. We use email addresses for work, personal use and even just signing up for websites. Most have several for different reasons, and it can be difficult to keep track of them all at once. ...

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How to Organize Your Old Bookmarks #Unclutter

I have been updating my saved bookmarks for about ten years now. Really, I keep a file that I occasionally resave and load up every time I reformat my drive and so have to download my browser again. There are bookmarks on there I haven't visited in ages, many of ...

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tweetdeck popup settings

HOW TO: Monitor News with Tweetdeck (Short Tip)

One of the greatest things about Twitter is that you can get real time news delivered right to your desktop: this improved productivity when properly implemented. Let's say you are planning a trip to New York and want find some deals and offers in the city (say, to get inspired). You ...

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Free Life Tracking Tools

Life is stressful and hectic. From long work days to doctors appointments and carpools, it isn't hard for the average adult to become severely overwhelmed on a regular basis. Which tends to be why we so often seek clarity in our daily lives, giving us some greater feeling of control ...

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