How to Manage Your Money Effectively

by Jasmine from Being productive money-wise is not as hard as it may sound. Saving money has actually become a “hobbie” for a lot of Canadians. Thankfully, it’s a good habit to take on! How? You ask… Well, here are some ways you can get the most out of your dollar and ...

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How to Organize Your Old Bookmarks #Unclutter

I have been updating my saved bookmarks for about ten years now. Really, I keep a file that I occasionally resave and load up every time I reformat my drive and so have to download my browser again. There are bookmarks on there I haven't visited in ages, many of ...

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Is Being Lazy is Really Such a Bad Thing?

One of my all time favorite cartoons comes from Alex Noriega and his series Stuff No-One Told Me. It features a collection of animals all sleeping on top of one another, and is adorable. But what I love about it is not the cuteness, but the caption: "You're not especially ...

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6 Things No One Ever Taught You

There are many lessons in life that you learn over time. Some of them are more important than others, but all are hard earned from experience. No one ever tells you these things, even those people in your life who teach you so much about other practicalities of life. Which ...

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4 Travel Destinations to Get Inspired

Whether you paint for a living, or spend 40 hours in an office setting each week, you know that staying inspired and on the cutting edge of ideas and action can be difficult, leaving you running on empty and often unable to produce your best work. Luckily, there are endless ...

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Am I Just Ordinary?

Aren't movies exciting? They always seem to have that character who was just a normal person living a normal life until one happens. It isn't always the same event, but they get pulled into a world that is extraordinary. It changes everything, and their lives are never the same ...

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Want To Get Things Done? Stop Multitasking!

In the era of 24-hour Internet access and us blogging, working, tweeting all at the same time, multitasking is a hot topic. And not a straightforward on. There has been a lot of research on multitasking. From saying that it effects memory to messing with your cognitive control and even ...

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Uncluttering Facebook: Photo Tagging 101

For mot of us, photo tagging is second nature in today's social media world. We just assume it can be done, and add them in. But despite this, I have been seeing a lot of screencaps of people asking how to remove tags, how to place them and what else ...

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Confrontation 101: Which Path Will You Take?

To Confront: “To face; To bring face to face with.” The very thought of confrontation often causes fear within us. We are afraid of how the other person will respond; we fear that they may not like us or that their ego may be damaged during the interaction. When another’s behavior is ...

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Do You Know How Others See You?

When I was a kid, I used to think of all of the superpowers it would be cool to have. Of course there were some that seemed more awesome than others: the ability to fly, laser vision, super strength. But when I was a preteen, I started to think of ...

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