Five Tips For Starting Your Day Right

Does this sound like your typical morning? The alarm shrieks jarringly as your body awakens in a panic state. Perhaps your pillow is crushed while trying to drown out the noise. Do your feet stumble in a stupor trying to find the source of the horrid racket? Precious moments are ...

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Are You Worried Some People Have Achieved More than You?

Through our lives we are afforded a certain amount of hindsight that can help us adapt better to situations in the future. Learning from our experiences and being able to clearly see how we have grown and improved are key factors to being successful in life. Without this ability, it ...

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Travel Motivation and Psychology: Why Do We Travel?

What drives you to travel? It might be a desire to see the world, or just to get away. You may like meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. Or maybe you just have a permanent case of wanderlust, and find yourself forever dreaming of the next great adventure. Or ...

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7 Computer Clutter-Free Tips

Occasionally I will come across a blog post from someone who has uploaded pictures of their desk or work area. It will be clean and organized, nothing amiss and fully functional. As I view these pictures, my mind immediately goes to one conclusion: they have never used that desk. How could ...

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5 Ways To Improve Yourself Later in Life

Whether you are 40 or 70, it is never too late to pick up a new hobby, pursue a new career or turn your life completely around. You can be whoever you want to be! If you have always dreamed about taking a voyage to Paris, then you can easily ...

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Free Life Tracking Tools

Life is stressful and hectic. From long work days to doctors appointments and carpools, it isn't hard for the average adult to become severely overwhelmed on a regular basis. Which tends to be why we so often seek clarity in our daily lives, giving us some greater feeling of control ...

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Look Forward To Monday Mornings

The dreaded Monday Morning is all too familiar to most of us.  The thought of beginning another work week and all that lies ahead of us can get us worked up before we even hop in our cars for the commute.  Your mind starts racing, you start mentally planning and ...

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Maximize Your Productivity By Getting Focused On What Matters

I am a born procrastinator. When I was a kid, I would wait until the last minute to finish any project. Today, I am no more focused. I am easily distracted, tend to multitask and my work suffers for it. In fact, I usually have to download tools that force ...

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5 Things You Never Thought Of Using Gmail For

Most software is a matter of personal preference these days. But I tend to be shocked if people don't have a Gmail account, especially for business purposes. Think about it, how often do you write any other email client at this point? So for the sake of this article, I ...

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Twitter for Productivity – 4 Cool Tools!

I know what you were probably thinking when you first read the title of this article: Twitter? Productive? Surely, you jest! Given the fact that you are probably trying to keep yourself from checking Twitter as you read this, I can understand your skepticism. Twitter is one of the biggest time ...

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