3 Steps to Social Media Productivity

We all love social media, don't we? The problem is not our affection for the various platforms, which are growing by the day. It is our time and energy spent on them. They are serious productivity killers, and so many of us have found the clock jumping ahead by several ...

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Control Your Apps: Twitter and Facebook

You have to love the way that social networking is changing. It used to be a straight forward way of communicating with people over the web, like a glorified email service. But it has since morphed into something entirely different, with interaction on a level never seen before. You can ...

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Motivation: The Many Types Of Awards You Can Give To Deserving People

Whenever a person accomplishes something of merit, there is no better way to show a sense of appreciation for them than by presenting them with an award for such a feat. Giving somebody an award for their accomplishments is a great way of recognizing what they have achieved. Whether they ...

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How to Implement Time Management Tools for Children

Time management skills are among the most important elements of success in the academic world and in the workplace environment. Helping children learn these valuable skills can give them a head start in achievement both in the classroom and in their daily lives. Student planners and agendas can be valuable ...

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Organize Your Thoughts with ResophNotes

I am a habitual note taker. There are little reminders everywhere: on my desktop, in my bookmarks, through programs like Evernote, in Pocket, on my cell phone, around my house in sticky notes...everywhere. Which can be incredibly helpful when I need to remember something important, or just to have information ...

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Tips for Organizing the Office

Working in a cluttered environment is mentally distracting, even if it's only on a subconscious level. As a team in your workplace, commit to maintaining an organized office to increase everyone's productivity. Start out by establishing systems so you can all work together to keep things running smoothly. Create a Comprehensive ...

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Is It Too Late To Start?

    The other day I was browsing the Career Advice section of Quora when I came across this question: "I am turning 27 and I have wasted a lot of time. Is it too late?" Basically, the questioner wants to know if he has wasted to much time in his life ...

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5 Ways NOT Getting Things Done Can Make You Productive

When we are busy our first instinct is generally to rush through and get as much done as possible There are a million articles out there that aim to help you fit more into your day and manage your time by multitasking. After all, it is much better to make ...

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How to Get In More Reading When You Are Short On Time

Most of us have very busy lives. School, work, family, social activities, domestic chores...there are things to do and places to be. By the time night rolls around we fall into bed exhausted, only to have it all start over the next day. So hobbies we enjoy have a tendency ...

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Ideas for Productive Breaks

One of the best things you can do to increase work productivity is to take periodic breaks. Not all breaks lead to increased productivity however. If a break is too long or too short it can actually distract you from the task at hand. Also if all you do is ...

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