6 Tips For Taking The Perfect Powernap

A powernap refers to a nap that rejuvenates you, but doesn’t take up a lot of your time. Essentially, a powernap is supposed to give you the perfect little boost that you need, however many people get the art of the powernap completely wrong.

We sought out 6 tips for taking the perfect powernap.

1. Avoid disruptions

You get the best quality of sleep when there are no interruptions or distractions. Switch off your mobile phone and any other things that might distract you or wake you during your powernap. Also try to take your nap at a time when it is unlikely that people might disturb you.

2. Timing is everything

Medical experts advise that the best time of day for a powernap is between 2 and 4pm. The perfect length for a powernap is approximately 30 minutes since it is enough time to switch off and rejuvenate, without making you too drowsy when you wake up. It’s in your best interest to avoid napping soon before you head to bed or snoozing for too long in the afternoon since it might disrupt your sleeping pattern.

3. Set the mood

To get the perfect power nap, you should think about the environment where you are sleeping. Try to make the room dark and cool if possible and avoid using blankets. Also let in fresh air or have an air conditioner going to keep the air in the room moving. Don’t stress too much about eliminating all noise—in fact your sleep might be better with some background noise. You could play some soft background music or play some white noise to help you to fall asleep quicker.

4. Don’t force sleep

If you are struggling to fall asleep, don’t fret about it too much. Forcing yourself to sleep can be very counter-productive. As a general rule, if you struggle to sleep you should avoid sleep completely yet still do something that relaxes you such as lying on your bed reading or listening to some calming music. You might find that even though you didn’t actually sleep, you are rejuvenated because you were able switch off and relax for a while.

5. Wake up properly

Set an alarm even when you are just having a powernap. An alarm will ensure that you do not sleep longer than you intended. However, the sound of an alarm can be very disruptive so choose an alarm with a soft and pleasing melody to wake you up in the best possible mood. Other things to help you get back to your day after a powernap is to splash some water on your face or take a quick shower if you have the time. A healthy snack might likewise help you to wake up.

6. Avoid things that keep you awake

Before you take a powernap you should try to avoid things that will keep you awake and prevent you from enjoying a nap. Don’t drink anything with a lot of caffeine in it like tea, coffee or energy drinks before you intend to take a nap. Also, where possible, avoid looking at screens like your on mobile phone, tablets, computers or even a television set. The backlight from these screens allegedly stimulates brain activity and can prevent you from switching off to nap.

Stephen Parker is a banker from Sydney and travels a lot for work. He is constantly dealing with jetlag and recently purchased a new mattress from Sleepmaker, which he hopes will improve his quality of sleep.

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