7 Highly Effective Fitness Habits

Does it seem like ages since you started going to the gym, but your body still isn’t showing results?  Before you start shaving your head out of sheer frustration, stop and think about the type of lifestyle you have been living.  Chances are, your daily habits do not mesh well with your exercise routine, that’s why those fitness tips you’ve been putting to use have not seemed to take you an inch closer to your weight loss goals.

If you want to get anywhere with losing weight and being physically fit, you’ll have to exert extra effort into incorporating these 7 highly effective fitness habits into your daily life:

  1. Move more than you eat.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that if you don’t burn the calories which you consume, they’re going to sooner or later find their way to your midsection or thighs.  In order to effectively lose weight, you should engage in some form of cardiovascular, heart-pumping exercise to melt away the calories you take in from food.  Eat less than you are able to burn.
  2. Make it fun.  For some, the mere thought of workout or exercise sends them heading off towards the exit door.  All it takes is a change of mindset.  Fun can possibly be equated with exercise.  If you plan on going cycling, do it with friends.  Or, make it a bonding activity with the rest of the family.
  3. Watch what you eat. This is the time to trade in those salty chips for more fruits and vegetables.  Try cutting down on those trips to your favorite burger chain. Restrain yourself from late night snacking.
  4. Drink lots of water.  Ditching that supersized glass of Coke will do your belly a whole lot of good.  Instead of quenching your thirst with sodas, down some water.  Before your meals, drink a whole glass of water.  When it’s time to eat, you’ll find yourself full enough not to eat too much.
  5. Motivate yourself.  Halfway through any fitness program, most people lose interest and ditch their efforts altogether.  Don’t make the mistake of being one of those people.  Do what you can to cheer yourself on.  Buy yourself a top one size smaller, and make it your goal to fit into that. Keep your eye on the prize.
  6. Never shop hungry.  When doing the groceries, be sure you are not hungry, lest you buy everything in sight.
  7. Have a positive attitude.  All things are attainable if you put your mind to it.  Weight loss is no exception.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.  In the same manner, losing weight doesn’t happen overnight.  There is no magical formula to shed off pounds, but with the right frame of mind and proper discipline, you can achieve your fitness goals.

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  1. Alex @ Searching for Happy says: - reply

    A good list, with a few points that regularly get forgotten.

    Shopping hungry is my big problem. I really should eat a meal before I go shopping at any point. My bill is smaller and I get much less junk food!

    • Vera says: - reply

      Put in the book when you get up and go to sleep, When you are on your computer or wactnihg television. Put in your cravings and how you handled them and how you felt about how you handled it. Put in it levels of stress. Like I broke up today. Put in it your periods. Anything and Everything you think is significant about your sticking to your diet, always put in when you drink your 8 cups of water a day.

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  3. Dave Cousin says: - reply

    These are generally good though you seem to assume everyone who wants to keep fit is also looking to lose weight, some of these tips aren’t as useful if you want to gain weight or stay the same weight. Whatever you want to achieve though exercise is of course important for well-being.