What Can Be Done in 10 Minutes

Some people say nothing worthwhile can be done in 10 minutes. You can't get a good workout. You can't make a meal… The list of CAN'Ts go on and on, so we decided to say we CAN. We dove into study after study, book after book to bring this random, fun ...

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Maximize Your Productivity By Getting Focused On What Matters

I am a born procrastinator. When I was a kid, I would wait until the last minute to finish any project. Today, I am no more focused. I am easily distracted, tend to multitask and my work suffers for it. In fact, I usually have to download tools that force ...

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5 Things You Never Thought Of Using Gmail For

Most software is a matter of personal preference these days. But I tend to be shocked if people don't have a Gmail account, especially for business purposes. Think about it, how often do you write any other email client at this point? So for the sake of this article, I ...

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Twitter for Productivity – 4 Cool Tools!

I know what you were probably thinking when you first read the title of this article: Twitter? Productive? Surely, you jest! Given the fact that you are probably trying to keep yourself from checking Twitter as you read this, I can understand your skepticism. Twitter is one of the biggest time ...

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