Frugality is a Virtue

Warren Buffet is known for his frugality. He is independent-minded. Too many people are unnecessarily swayed by “salesmen” who don’t have their best interests at heart. Buffet has made money by depending on himself. Whether you like it or not, you only have yourself to blame.

Nearly 55 years ago, Warren Buffet purchased a five-bedroom apartment. Today, he still lives in this same abode. He knows what he is happy with and doesn’t need false accoutrements or shallow displays of his wealth. He invests for the right reasons and has been in it for the long run.

Too many people have this “get rich quickly mentality.” Too often, this ends in the “get poor quickly result.” Nothing solid has been established in a short amount of time. While it is easy to destroy something quickly, it is very difficult to create anything substantial quickly. Buffet invests for the long haul and remains dedicated to his frugal ways.


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