What Your Posture Says About You

Practicing proper posture not only has a number of health benefits, but it also says a lot about you as a person. Whether at your desk on your computer or standing in line at the grocery store, the way you sit and stand reflects your mood, confidence level, and character. Hunching forward, slouching, and slumping your shoulders doesn’t always give off the best impression.

  • Hunching Forward: When you hunch forward, it suggests that you are a closed off person with low confidence and that you are anxious and shy. Hunching can also negatively impact your spine and causes surrounding muscles to tighten. Over time, your spine may change form if your posture is not corrected.
  • Shrugging Or Raising Your Shoulders: This posture suggest tension or fear. Shoulders that are often rounded can cause pain due to pinched muscles and tendons.
  • Pushing Your Neck Forward: This posture puts extreme strain on your neck, and not to mention it looks totally unnatural. Straining your neck often leads to other problems in the shoulders and back.
  • Forward Tilt Of The Hip Or Pelvis: This is also called anterior pelvic tilt and is very common. Signs of anterior pelvic tilt include forward tilt of the hips, curvature of the lumbar spine, and protruding stomach. This posture puts pressure on the hips, joints, and lower back and tends to be more common among women.

Benefits Of Good Posture

Now that you know how bad posture compromises your health and outward appearance, lets look at the health benefits of good posture.

1. Prevents back pain. Good posture is vital if you have a bad back. When you slouch, your spine is not properly aligned. Proper spinal alignment will evenly distribute your weight throughout your body, reducing your chance for injury. Poor posture also puts stress on your shoulders, neck, and legs.

2. Improves breathing. When you sit up straight, your spine curves naturally and your core muscles have more freedom to move. This includes your diaphragm. Slouching restricts your diaphragm, making it harder to breath. Good posture allows your respiratory system to work at its full potential and will help you breath easier and concentrate better.

3. Reduces tension. When you hunch forward or tighten your shoulders, you create tension in your neck, shoulder, and back muscles. Working on better posture is an easy way to relieve tension.

4. Look Slimmer. When you slouch, your stomach pushes forward and can make you look bigger than you actually are. When you stand up straight, your stomach is pulled in toward your abs, which will make you appear slimmer.

5. Improve Concentration. Studies have shown that proper posture improves overall concentration and mental performance. When you are breathing better, free of tension, and are more relaxed, of course you are going to be able to concentrate better.

6. Appear more confident. When you slouch, you appear timid and shy. When you stand tall, you appear confident and proud. A confident posture will help you in both your professional and personal lives.

Your posture says a lot about you, so don’t forget to stand tall and be confident.

Trisha Banks is a blogger for Matthew Boes M.D. Orthopaedic Surgery in Raleigh, North Carolina. Trisha doesn’t have good posture and wants to know the benefits of good posture.

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