Self Improvement


A Powerful Tool You Seldom Use

EVERYONE BREATHES—well, everyone who is alive breathes. Breathing is something we do regularly, and usually it is something we do without having to apply any thought. On average, adults breathe about 15 times per minute. Don’t try to count your respiratory rate for yourself, though. Self-awareness makes your frequency and depth ...

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Destinations for Spiritual Discovery

Tired of the frenetic pace of modern life? Has the endless routine of work, friends and Breaking Bad repeats left you feeling somewhat empty, unfulfilled? This is the article for you. It’s no secret that most of us have the occasional doubt: the nagging worry that all this really is ...

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10 Best Self-Improvement Boards on Pinterest

We all have things about ourselves and our lives that we would change. Sometimes they are cosmetic issues like the way we have our hair. Others are lifestyle factors, like fitness level or health. More are deeper and effect our entire lives, like location of residence, education, job title and ...

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6 Best Flickr Groups for Self-Improvement

When you think of Flickr photo pools, you probably think of any random genre that you are into yourself. Just a place where photos of a specific subject (sometimes very specific) can be shared with others for feedback, or even just bragging rights. The Flickr community is extremely vast in this ...

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warren buffett frugality lessons

Frugality is a Virtue

Warren Buffet is known for his frugality. He is independent-minded. Too many people are unnecessarily swayed by "salesmen" who don't have their best interests at heart. Buffet has made money by depending on himself. Whether you like it or not, you only have yourself to blame. Nearly 55 years ago, Warren ...

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Five Tips For Starting Your Day Right

Does this sound like your typical morning? The alarm shrieks jarringly as your body awakens in a panic state. Perhaps your pillow is crushed while trying to drown out the noise. Do your feet stumble in a stupor trying to find the source of the horrid racket? Precious moments are ...

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Are You Worried Some People Have Achieved More than You?

Through our lives we are afforded a certain amount of hindsight that can help us adapt better to situations in the future. Learning from our experiences and being able to clearly see how we have grown and improved are key factors to being successful in life. Without this ability, it ...

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Travel Motivation and Psychology: Why Do We Travel?

What drives you to travel? It might be a desire to see the world, or just to get away. You may like meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. Or maybe you just have a permanent case of wanderlust, and find yourself forever dreaming of the next great adventure. Or ...

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5 Ways To Improve Yourself Later in Life

Whether you are 40 or 70, it is never too late to pick up a new hobby, pursue a new career or turn your life completely around. You can be whoever you want to be! If you have always dreamed about taking a voyage to Paris, then you can easily ...

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